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Facebook Photo To Painting

Thomas Kinkade Portrait Studio can transform your Facebook photos commemorating special occasions into paintings to be cherished for years to come. Our artists understand the importance of staying connected to family and friends. Facebook and other social media have become the number one way to share memorable moments with each other through photographs and posts. Extraordinary events in our lives mingle with everyday occurrences throughout our Facebook feeds, and sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

Connect With Facebook & Create Your Painting

With our unique Facebook feature, you can link your account and select pictures from your profile and convert those photos into a canvas painting. Capture on canvas the significant relationships and events in your life when you turn your Facebook pictures into paintings, such as:

  • A Beloved Family Photo
  • A Child’s First Day At School
  • Your Parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • Your family’s First Time Seeing The Ocean
  • Your Pet’s Grooming Day

Any Facebook photo can be converted into a treasured painting by simply connecting your account. The ordering process is quick and simple. When placing your order, you’ll receive step by step instructions as to how to upload your desired photo from Facebook to our site.

How We Do It

Once your picture is in the hands of our artists, it will go through our proprietary process of transformation. Each image is carefully remodeled with hand-applied digital brushstrokes and color until it no longer looks like a photograph, but takes on the painterly characteristics of a fine art portrait. The play of light and hues are enhanced to bring out the artistic qualities and composition of your photo.

Memories That Last A Lifetime

Imagine being able to see those precious moments in time without having to turn on your electronic device or stare at a computer screen. Through a lovely one of a kind painting displayed in your home, you can relive a moment or remember a loved one with just a glance. The heirloom quality of your Facebook photo painting makes it perfect to give as a special gift or pass down to the next generation as a fine art piece.

Facebook Photos As Wall Art

Take a minute and transform your favorite Facebook photo into a painting with Thomas Kinkade Portrait Studios. Explore our online gallery to see examples of photos changed into paintings.

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