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Paint My CatDo you have a photo of your cat that you’d like to make into a custom cat portrait? Thomas Kinkade Portrait Studios will transform your favorite photo of your fur baby into a custom painting that will be treasured for years. We will create a custom cat portrait from any photo of your choice. Whether this is your first cat or you have many, every cat person understands the special bond between humans and felines. Let us create a lasting memory of your favorite pet with a personalized touch.

Cat Photo To Canvas Painting

If your furry friend is a part of the family, then order a custom cat portrait to serve as a loving reminder of how much you care. You’ll be sure to smile every time you see this high-quality work of art capturing your favorite moment with your cat. Creating your custom cat portrait is easy. You simply upload your favorite photo or choose one from your social media, choose your size, and finally, your canvas options. The most challenging part of this process is determining which cat photo is your favorite. You’ll be beyond excited when you receive your personalized cat painting and put it proudly on display in your home or office.

Choosing Your Cat Photo

Each cat has their own individual personality that makes them so cute and unique. Maybe your cat sleeps upside down, cuddles up in a plant pot, or he likes to unwind the toilet paper roll. These traits can all be brought to life in a custom painting of your cat. Are you the feline owner who takes pictures of your cat and loves to show them off? Choose one of those photos and turn it into a cat painting. The options are endless and you don’t have to choose just one. With the photogenic nature of the house cat, we all know you have tons of pictures of Fluffy on your social media feed. You can connect to that feed and choose your favorite photo without having to go through every picture on your phone.

Order Your Custom Cat Painting Today

Thomas Kinkade’s Portrait Studio can turn your favorite cat photo into a custom cat painting that will be enjoyed for years to come. Commemorate your love for your feline friend by having a custom cat portrait created today.

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