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Engagement Photo

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate an upcoming wedding, consider giving a personalized engagement painting gift from Thomas Kinkade Portrait Studios. Getting married is a special time, and you’ll want to celebrate the lucky couple in style. Don’t let your gift be one that gets lost among the plethora of kitchen gadgets and fancy linens. Give them a gift they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Custom Engagement Gifts

When a couple announces the happy news of their engagement, it’s time for a celebration. Being engaged is an exciting time of making plans, having parties, taking lots of pictures, and giving gifts. Celebrate the lucky couple in your life by turning their favorite engagement photo into a painting.

Give Them A Timeless Keepsake

Photos can fade or become discolored over time, but when a picture is transformed into a Thomas Kinkade painting, not only does that picture become a work of art, but it becomes a treasured memory that will last for years. When you upload a photo onto our easy-to-use website, our talented artists get busy creating your unique engagement painting. The “Kinkade touch” of using playful light and attention to detail and story will be used to create a keepsake that the engaged couple will adore.

Picture To Painting Gift Advantages

Let your loved ones know how special they are by giving them a custom painting of their engagement. When a couple gets engaged, photo shoots usually follow with lots of pictures to announce the joyful occasion. So what are the advantages of taking one or more of these photos and turning it into a Kinkade engagement portrait painting? Here are a few:

  • The photo becomes a work of art.
  • It makes a meaningful gift.
  • The picture is enhanced with the “Kinkade touch”.
  • The memory can be proudly displayed on a wall, instead of forgotten in a photo album.
  • It will look great with any home decor.
  • Thomas Kinkade photo paintings last for generations.

Engagement Gift Giving Made Easy

There’s no need for tromping through a mall or endlessly searching online for that perfect engagement gift. When you order a personalized engagement painting gift from our Thomas Kinkade Portrait Studios, the process is easy, but the result is an elegantly crafted one-of-a-kind present that will congratulate your loved ones on their upcoming “I do’s”. Upload your favorite photo to get started today.

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